Since the beginning of my breeding practice, I have had the good fortune to work with a nationally well-known Golden Retriever breeder, judge, geneticist and oncology researcher. Through her guidance, I have decided to focus my breeding on “out breeding.”

Breeding my Field Golden, Juni, with Show Goldens – those bred for the Show Ring – is called “out breeding.” “In breeding” is the purposeful breeding to repeat desired features or traits in one’s breeding line. My hope in “out breeding” is to help the gene pool of this wonderful breed to be more diverse and robust. Generations of inbreeding to produce a certain look or quality in a dog reduces the richness of the Golden gene pool, condensed all those desired traits along with undesirable health issues too. 

Our dogs are family members, sleep on our beds with us, and take frequent car trips, walks and other fun adventures. They are regulars at our favorite restaurants and are known by name all over Asheville.

Each of our dogs has at the least taken basic classes, some of them additional classes including obedience, agility and even some dock diving. We are breeding family members that will be happy, healthy, and have the potential to perform well in all areas of competition and work.

You can review the pedigree and genetic information on my first “out-breed” litter at the link below:
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