• Cammie


    “Our Golden Retriever, Camille (“Cammie”), has been the most wonderful first dog for our family! She has such a sweet personality, playful and calm at the same time, and extremely loving. She is super smart and easy to train. Being new dog owners, we greatly benefited from Vicki’s advice and guidance in parenting a new puppy! We can’t imagine life without our Cammie – she has brought so much joy into our family!”

    – Jennifer & Ken Abbott

  • Langley


    “Our family had never owned a dog and were looking for a pup who was either a golden retriever or a lab retriever to begin our canine family with. Additionally, my wife had been attacked by a dog when she was small, and had a good deal of anxiety about adopting.

    In my wife’s online searching, she came across Vicki Schomer’s name as a breeder of Golden Retrievers in the Asheville area (our home). In a few weeks we received an email from Vicki stating they had just delivered a litter of pups and told us we were welcome to come and take a look. So, we visited and became attached to one of the 9 gorgeous goldens and, after only a few minutes with them, chose our pup… the one with the red collar… Langley Rouge… to come home with us.

    Knowing our “newness” at being fur-baby parents, Vicki has been consistently ready to answer any and all questions cheerfully and patiently. We’ve observed her loving and caring nature with her own dogs as well as with their pups who are living with other families now. She takes fantastic care of her dogs and provides her adoptee-owners with all the information, guidance and support they need to care for their own dogs as well as Vicki does hers.

    We had been very wary of so-called “puppy mills” and were very gratified to see that Mountain Goldens bears no resemblance to such things, and instead, represents the very highest of care, compassion and concern for the welfare of not only her breeding moms, but her clients’ pups well after their adoption. Vicki’s relentless research on Golden-related health issues, feeding, growth rates, and all other areas is remarkable, and she shares all with her clients for the best interest of her dogs and theirs. She has made our transition from a human-only household to a dog-haired, puppy-toyed, scattered-rug and exuberant dog family the easiest it could ever be.”

    – Randy, Vennessa, and Trevor Hagan

  • Levon


    “Mountain Gold’s Rockin’ Levon was born on May 24, 2014, and from that day on, I have known such joy because this dog found ME. This wouldn’t be possible without Vicki Schomer, his breeder.

    Vicki and I were friends for some years because our horses lived in the same pasture at the Biltmore Estate. She often brought her beautiful Goldens, Juni and Addie, to visit her horse Kebo. When I learned she would be breeding Juni to a gorgeous male named Buzzy—and I was nearing retirement from a 30-year teaching career—I know the stars had aligned and I was ready to welcome a dog in my life after a hiatus of 15 years.

    At every step of the way, Vicki gave me the confidence I needed to re-enter the canine world. So much had changed—nutrition, vaccinations, training philosophy, and more. She meticulously, methodically, and ethically researched for Juni’s mate, relying on Golden Retriever expert breeder and judge Ronda Hoven to guide her decisions. She totally did her homework! I knew the results just had to be special—and they were.

    Soon after Levon was born, we got to visit to see the puppies’ progress and to see which one matched our personalities and home situation. Vicki left nothing to chance. During our pre-purchase visits, I had no idea she was screening US, carefully watching the pups’ reaction to our handling. And I’m so very glad she did. She and her husband Neeraj treated each pup with great care and love, socializing them properly and monitoring their weight, their milestones, and their progress. No question was insignificant to her prospective puppy parents. She supplied each new parent with a copy of the book Pukka’s Promise so we too could know the latest careful research on canine feeding, training, behavior, the spay/neuter question, and many other topics. She went above and beyond! I really felt ready when it came time for Levon’s “gotcha day.”

    He is healthy, happy, well- adjusted, polite, sociable, loving, funny, ball-obsessed, strong, and smart as a whip. He has made our lives joy-filled and complete. He has earned his AKC title in dock diving, earning a DS last summer. He just passed his CGC, will try for his CCA this summer, and we plan to try Barn Hunt and Fast CAT as well.

    Mountain Gold puppies are beautiful, healthy, and bright, and their parents are carefully researched for health and correct co-efficiencies. Vicki is an extremely ethical breeder who gives her considerable skill – and best of all her love – to her task.”

    – Melisse Latini

  • Remi


    “When deciding to get my first dog, I knew that I wanted a Golden. I grew up with Goldens and I just couldn’t see myself with any other breed. Finding the right dog is always a challenge, but with Vicki, the decision was so easy. Vicki goes above and beyond to make sure pups are set up to be the best.

    I fell in love with Remi when she was 7 weeks old and haven’t looked back. Remi is the best dog I could ask for. From day one, she has always been curious, playful, bright, friendly, and sweet. She truly believes everyone is her friend and wants to pet her. She is highly food motivated and eager to please which makes her easy to train. I have completed two training courses with her- a puppy and beginner class. She did so wonderfully that the staff is begging us to come back for the advanced class and has suggested I start obedience trials with Remi. Though I am not sure about competing, I will definitely be going back for more training classes because it is so much fun for the both of us.

    She’s always adapted quickly and well to my ever changing schedule. The best part of my day is coming home to see her! I cannot believe she is already one year but like wine, I believe she will get even better with age. Thank you so much Vicki for the opportunity to love one of your pups!”

    – Emma

  • Ridley


    “Vicki and Neeraj adore their Goldens and are deeply committed to the health and longevity of the breed. We have learned so much from them. We are grateful to have a pup from Juni’s first litter, and he is a wonderful dog: sweet, outgoing, and playful. He is the smartest, healthiest, and most agile of the seven Goldens we’ve lived with since 1981.”

    – Ellen

    “I enjoy visiting Ridley’s house. When I park in his driveway, Ridley waits and then eagerly greets me as I get out of the car. Ridley is very affectionate. He’s never met a person or dog he didn’t like. He looks up at you with these expressive eyes and you can’t resist petting him. He’s so appreciative of the attention that it is hard to stop. He cuddles up to you when you sit down. He likes people nearby. But if one of his parents tells him, “That’s enough,” he backs off and finds a place to sit or lie down. He follows their commands.”

    – Family friend